TinyMe Celebrates 10 Years

By Grant Arnott | 19 Oct 2016

Personalised childrens products manufacturer and online retailer TinyMe celebrated its 10th birthday this month, joining the less than 4% of start-ups who achieve this milestone.

Not so tiny anymore…

Pureplay personalised childrens products retailer TinyMe celebrated its 10th anniversary at a ceremony attended by family, staff and friends at the company’s Melbourne headquarters in October, 2016.

Formerly known as Mooo.com.au, the company rebranded as TinyMe in 2012 as it expanded into the UK. Business directors Ben Hare, Mike Wilson and Nick McLennan talked to the gathered throng about the history, challenges and values of the TinyMe business. The three directors and their partners have 15 children between them, so working in the kids category certainly comes naturally and there is a statistically significant sample of customers to draw insights from just within their own clans!

TinyMe team

The TinyMe brains trust (l-r): Rachael, Mike, Ben, Ali, Angela and Nick

Without drawing on external funding, TinyMe has grown organically into an impressive, multinational business employing over 50 people (including seasonal staff) with offices in Melbourne and the UK. In 2016, TinyMe won the StarTrack Online Retail Industry Award for Best Site Optimisation and Design, after being nominated as a finalist 11 times since the awards began in 2010. It is a long way from the very humble beginnings as Mooo, with the company headquarters back in 2006 consisting of a bedroom at Mike Wilson’s house shared with a toddler.



TinyMe as Mooo, circa 2006

A snapshot from the original Mooo website, circa 2006



Tinyme website

The TinyMe website as it looks October 2016


As a contributor to the online retail industry, TinyMe has few peers – director Ben Hare currently sits on the board of NORA, while all three directors have contributed their knowledge in speaking at various industry events over the years. TinyMe sets the highest standards for culture, customer service and product, and as a manufacturer sets the bar high for safety and quality management. Despite ever-increasing competition in the mass customisation and childrens’ products space, TinyMe’s sustained success is a testament to strong values and solid business practices.

Congratulations to all the team at TinyMe on 10 years and wishing you all the best for 2017 and beyond.

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