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Power Retail By Power Retail | 13 Feb 2018

Ahead of the Power Retail All Star Bash and the launch of the 2018 Top 100, Power Retail explains the comprehensive updates to the ranking methodology. We have broadened the scope of the ranking criteria to ensure that the best overall combination of size, traffic, user experience, brand and customer reviews, plus other metrics are taken into account.

Each year since 2013, Power Retail has published a rankings list of Australia’s top 100 online retailers, which comprises a mix of pureplay and omnichannel retailers. To be eligible, the retailer must operate a stand-alone transactional website, have a base of operations within Australia, and ship merchandise (no digital-only products) to Australian customers. Pure marketplaces (eg. eBay) are not eligible, though their sellers may be.

To determine the rankings up until 2018, Power Retail has used revenue and traffic volumes as the primary measure for ranking the list, based on data obtained via submissions from retailers and Power Retail’s own research.

In 2018, and after feedback from industry, Power Retail’s goal is to create a more comprehensive ranking system that recognises more than traffic and revenue, including criteria such as website features, customer service, delivery options, discoverability and social media.

In consultation with a number of industry leaders, analysts, retailers and suppliers, we have compiled the following ranking system to be introduced ahead of the release of the Top 100 at the Power Retail All Star Bash event on February 15, 2018. The objective is to focus on the overall application of best practice to distinguish the leading online retailers, applying a score out of 100 once the respective criteria scores are combined.

In addition to submissions received from retailers, available information and Power Retail’s own extensive research, we engaged a panel of mystery shoppers to independently review and score each website (from a total of 200), as well as taking into account customer feedback.

Where gaps in data were found, due to, for example, information on revenue figures being withheld, Power Retail applied traffic data and industry benchmark conversion rates to estimate revenues.

A thorough analysis of each online store nominated and previous Top 100 retailers was conducted across 12 key criteria over a period of four weeks to reach the conclusions ahead that define the 2018 Power Retail Top 100. For comparison to previous years, we have also included a ranking by Size (turnover) and Traffic.

Criteria Measured

Site Speed
Mobile Optimisation
Site Search Performance
Delivery Options
Customer Service Responsiveness
Site User Experience
Payment/Checkout Experience
Social Media Audience
Traffic Ranking
Customer Ratings


Scoring Methodology

1.    Site Speed

All online stores reviewed for the Top 100 were measured multiple times for site speed, achieving a score out of 100.

2.    Mobile
Online stores were reviewed for their mobile experience, with maximum points available for retailers who offered a quality mobile responsive user experience and a native mobile application.

3.    Site Search

Online stores were reviewed for the quality of their on-site search experience and navigation, taking into account features such as accuracy/quality of results delivered, and presence of autocomplete.

4.    Delivery Options/Timeframes/Returns Policies

Points were awarded for the number of convenient delivery options on offer, timeframes and the quality of the returns policy from a consumer perspective. The point scoring covered presence of same day delivery, express, standard delivery, weekend delivery, click & collect, free delivery, free delivery over a threshold, free returns, instore returns, return timeframes and standards.

5.    Customer Service Responsiveness

Our panel of mystery shoppers tested and scored customer service responsiveness for the retailers reviewed, testing channels including phone, live chat, and social media. Points were awarded for each specific channel and added to create a total score.

6.    Discoverability

Our mystery shoppers tested discoverability for all retailers, based on a small number of relevant brand terms and product terms for each retailer and applied a score accordingly.

7.    Site Experience

Online stores were reviewed and assessed by the panel on the following points:
– Design appeal
– Ease of navigation
– Quality of imagery
– Product descriptions and content

8.    Payments and Checkout

The payment options and checkout process for each site were reviewed and assessed across desktop and mobile, with points awarded for the number of payment options accepted (including buy now/pay later options), speed of checkout, guest checkout options, mobile optimisation, card retention, ease of account set-up and trust markers.

9.    Social Media

The size of the social retailers’ audience across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was combined to create a total score, noting that retailers with an international presence were weighted according to the relative size of the Australian market.

10. Traffic Data

Traffic data from submissions and rankings were reviewed over the assessment period using independent monitoring resources and applied as a ranking factor.

11. Revenue

Annual revenue for the Financial Year 2017 as submitted, reported, researched or estimated based on using traffic and industry benchmarking data was applied as a ranking factor.

12. Customer Feedback

Publicly available customer feedback data was obtained where available from sources including Google Reviews, Product Review and Social Media to determine an average aggregate score.

Overall Scoring
A weighting was applied to each criteria and an overall score out of 100 applied, which was aggregated to produce a final ranking score out of 100. This score was used to determine the rankings for the 2018 Power Retail Top 100.

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