Vinomofo Launches New Wine Subscription Service

Vinomofo has launched a new wine subscription service as an additional offering for its growing tribe Australiawide, which it’s hoping will take its consumers on an epic wine adventure. 

Vinomofo says its new subscription service ‘The Club’ gives its consumers the opportunity to throw the “What shall I drink tonight?” decision-making to Vinomofo’s wine buyers, who select 12 wines, what it says is the cream of the crop, to be delivered straight to their door, as frequently as they like.

“It’s wine made simple. No lock-in contract and no bullshit. You just pick a club that works for your budget, personalise it to suit your tastes, and decide how often you need your wine delivered. Boom – vino sorted!” says Andre Eikmeier, co-founder and joint-CEO of Vinomofo.

Consumers can select whether they want to receive their hand-picked case of wine monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, and can change their frequency as often as they like. The new subscription also allows them personalise their Club based on their wine preferences.

“The more we get to “know” our business, and our tribe of mofos, the more we realise that we’re in the business of making sure our consumers always have good wine,” says Eikmeier.

“This is pretty much the simplest way to do that. Set it up, and good wine just arrives on your doorstep. Wine clubs are big, particularly in the US, and also in some of the Asian markets, for example, in Hong Kong. Here in Australia as well, they’re just about as big a market as the online wine market is, and we think we can do it better than anyone else.”

Vinomofo says its new subscription model fits seamlessly with what it’s all about. “We’re curators. We only sell wines we love. This is us choosing some wines and sending them to our members. The only change from how we normally roll, is that as a customer, you don’t need to think about having to choose and buy the wine each time, it just happens.”

Why do you think your customers will love ‘The Club’?

“Because it’s simple, and we have established trust with our mofos, so they know we believe in what we’re choosing for them. Also, our Black Market deals are hugely popular, and drive a big chunk of our revenue. Our Black Market mixed cases are among our biggest selling deals. Crazy value. We expect putting these Black Market deals into a club is going to go nuts.”


Eikmeier says that Vinomofo’s wine subscription is different to what other wine retailers in Australia are offering. “Most wine clubs exist to get rid of the crap they couldn’t sell. Not all, but mostly, you get a couple of good “lead” bottles, a bunch of average wines, and a few shit wines. We don’t have any crap to get rid of, so this is just all good wine. Plus, we believe that wanting the next case is the only “lock-in” contract there should be.”

Vinomofo says its consumers are an experimental bunch and the company is excited to see where this new venture will go.”Our mofos are adventurous, they love good wine and discovering new things. They’re happy to follow our lead and try some really cool, unique, small batch producers that are doing some seriously cool things in the wine industry.”

“It’s long overdue that we have a serious crack at wine clubs, and we’re super excited to see where it goes!” adds Eikmeier.

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  1. carlos says:

    sounds like a load of marketing chat “Boom – vino sorted!”, yawn! these guys had authenticity… Boom, Over!

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