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PAIN RELIEF: Evaluating E-Commerce Platforms

There are so many e-commerce platforms to choose from and we’re not exactly sure which one will suit our needs. Is there a checklist of essential criteria for selecting the right platform? What should we be looking for?

PAIN RELIEF: Increasing Conversion Without Compromising Margins

We sell cameras and accessories online, but we can’t convert accessories like tripods etc., because our relatively high shipping charges for lower cost items make it unattractive. We also offer in-store pick-up but are not getting any traction. Do you have any thoughts on ways to increase conversion without compromising margin? Obviously it’s difficult to […]

PAIN RELIEF: What to place above the fold?

I know I need to keep some critical elements of my site above the fold, but I obviously can’t have everything there. What are the absolute essentials and can you show me some examples of retailers with great layouts?

PAIN RELIEF: Multi-multi-multi-multichannel minefield

There seems to be this massive push to have loads of social media channels for the customer to get to us (eg. Facebook, Twitter) plus our traditional channels plus, plus, plus! I get that we need to manage multiple channels, but we’re a mid-sized retailer and I don’t want to dedicate resources to some channels that might only deliver 100 Facebook friends or 200 Twitter followers. I’m worried that by continuing to add new channels to keep up with all the social media wave we’ll dilute the brand too much and diminish our service levels. How do we grow our channel strategy to scale with our business, but still keep up with what the new breed of online shoppers wants?

PAIN RELIEF: Capturing Customer Data

Everything I read about best practice says I shouldn’t make my customers register before purchasing, but if that is the norm, what other ways do you suggest to build a quality database?

PAIN RELIEF: Cross-channel pricing and promotions

One of our biggest challenges is managing pricing across channels – online pricing vs in-store pricing vs catalogue pricing. Is price matching across all channels our only option? Any good ideas for managing cross-channel pricing?