Special Reports
Site Performance

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About this report

This Special Report aims to look at the importance of website performance monitoring, the causes of poor site functionality and how retailers can take proactive action to drive higher conversions, higher page durations and bigger basket values.


Poor web performance affects every business metric site owners’ care about, from shopping cart abandonment to brand perception. As online consumption continues to increase, it’s imperative that retailers monitor their web performance to deliver the best possible user experience for online customers. But many Australian companies are just not prioritising web performance monitoring, and as a consequence are losing customers, and revenue, to competitors who are. How can you provide your ever demanding, digitally savvy customers with a seamless online experience?


  • Website Performance and the Bottom Line
  • User Experience: Ingredients and Influences
  • Tackling Site Performance
  • Q&A with Rafi Katanasho, CTO, Dynatrace
  • Case Study: Spark New Zealand
  • Solution Provider