52: SMB E-Commerce Platforms


As an SMB, ensuring you have the right e-commerce platform for your business is essential for optimising customer experience, enhancing functionality and increasing conversions. Choosing a new platform can be costly, complex and time-consuming so it’s crucial to know exactly what your business needs and what the various e-commerce solutions can provide.

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Choosing a new e-commerce platform or undertaking a re-platforming project is a significant investment in money, time and resources. Getting it right means enhancing your functionality, improving site speed and upgrading your customer experience, all of which can lead to increased conversions. But getting it wrong can cost you time, money and sales.

SMBs tend to have very different requirements for their e-commerce platforms compared with enterprise-level retailers. SMBs also have more limited budgets and resources. This means that SMBs will be looking for a specific type of solution.

This Special Report will focus on SMB-level e-commerce platforms to provide the insight and guidance your business requires to help you understand the platform options available, prepare a re-platforming strategy, and take some of the pain out of this challenging process.

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