61: Supply Chain Automation


Whether it’s B2B, Manufacturing, Wholesaling or B2C, businesses are constantly striving to find their competitive advantage. Much capital and human investment focus is placed on the front-end, yet the impact of these efforts is lost if the back-end processes across the supply chain cannot provide effective support. It is this increase in competition that is driving advancement in the supply chain space and in turn changing the face of retail as we know it.

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The supply chain is complex, requiring input from sales, customer service, finance, procurement and fulfilment departments – as well as all their requisite systems – whether ordering a single widget or supplying a 200-store chain with new season stock. As the supply chain evolves, so too does technology, leading to exciting developments in automation that are accessible for businesses of all sizes and stages. Yet as our experts warn, the key is to understand how to implement technology in a way that fits into your business in order to achieve results.

With thanks to our subject matter experts, Lucy and Logistics Help, this Special Report will examine which areas of the supply chain can be automated and how this can drive optimum business efficiency and profitability.

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