Spotlight Series
Amazon Australia: Year One

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About this Report:

Find out how consumers and retailers alike have been impacted by the Bezos behemoth after its first 12 months in Australia. Amazon Australia Year One identifies 16 key insights that can help drive Australian online retailers to greater success in a market that has fundamentally changed.


Leading up to its launch, Amazon Australia was an unknown quantity. Industry opinions varied widely, and many online shoppers were honing their wish lists. But no one actually knew what would happen. There is no doubt that Amazon Australia has raised the stakes and competition in the Australian e-commerce sector and success will become that much harder. As always, the key to success is the ability to make the most informed decisions. This instalment in our Spotlight Series provides unique insights that online retailers can use to guide their strategies and actions as an Amazon Australia seller, competitor or bystander.

Report Contents:

  • Key Takeouts
  • Market Context
  • Shopper Segmentation
  • Shopper Behaviour
  • Shopper Expectations
  • Influencing Shoppers
  • Unique Offerings
  • Market Impact