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Content Marketing

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About this Report
In the pages that follow, we’re going to give you a snapshot of the digital content marketing landscape. This report is intended for online retailers, but the principles discussed apply to a wide range of business sectors. We’ll discuss ‘storytailing’ – the convergence of retail and media, where merchants become publishers and create engaging, compelling content
to perform the job once reserved exclusively for mass media – to inspire, entertain and inform audiences

Content – it’s the hottest competitive battlefield in marketing today. Online search commands a huge share of marketing dollars already, and with Google turning the screws on spammy link-building and SEO tactics, content marketing has become even more imperative. Search engines are cracking down hard on automated, black hat SEO strategies and rewarding sites that deliver quality, shareable, relevant content. It’s as it should be.


  • The Content Marketing Revolution
  • Infographic – Consider the Path to Purchase
  • Infographic – The Four Pillars of Content Marketing
  • Best Practice Content Marketing: What Good Looks Like
  • Infographic – Bang for Your Buck: Content Marketing ROI
  • Solution Providers