Special Reports
Conversion Optimization and UX

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About this Report
Power Retail invites you to explore the intersection of e-commerce science and art within this Conversion Optimisation and User Experience Special Report. A fine blend of insightful data analysis, accepted design practices and anticipating consumer behaviours lies at the heart of successful conversion optimisation, where the correct application of these principles will define a profitable online business.

Every level of a retailer’s website represents an opportunity to win, or lose, customers and sales. While each element may be examined and optimised (and they certainly should be!), a holistic view of optimising website design for conversion will provide the shrewd business owner with a more clear-sighted perspective on web management and operations.


  • Analytics and Conversions: The Online Retailer’s Christmas Wishlist
  • Design Guidelines: Arrival and Branding
  • Q&A with Nathan Steward, CEO of Alkemi International
  • Design Guidelines: Path to Purchase and Beyond
  • Case Study: Golf Clearance Outlet
  • Solution Providers