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About the report

Basket abandonment is still a huge issue for digital marketers with the value of abandoned carts predicted to surpass $4 trillion in 2015.

Smart marketers know they need to start looking for innovative strategies to increase conversion rates and drive down site abandonment.

Think about it.

You’ve poured all your energy into driving traffic to your site. Google AdWords, sidebar advertising, social reach.

All this effort gets people onto your homepage. They load up their baskets, arrive at the checkout and then, nothing.

They’re gone, and with them, the potential revenue they could have generated.

A staggering 77% of shoppers abandoned their basket before making a purchase last year. That’s three out of every four shoppers who never completed their purchase.

If marketers are serious about lifting on-site revenue and increasing their conversion rates, they need to find a simpler way to achieve top-line growth and turn abandoning visitors into long term, valuable, customers.

This guide will walk you through the seven critical mistakes online marketers are making and provide simple strategies to stay ahead.

Let’s get started.