Special Reports
Email Marketing 2.0

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About this Report
This Special Report analyses how Email Marketing is important as ever. Email is now able to act as more than a marketing tool and a way to publish the weekly newsletter. Marketers can use email as a more targeted form of engagement between brands and customers. The subtle changes that can be made to email marketing will result in a stronger customer relationship as well as increased conversions.

Our previous report on Email Marketing was published exactly two years ago and while many of the topics in the previous report are still relevant, it is important to understand how the online industry continues to change at a rapid pace. Email Marketing has
experienced extreme growth and changes from its original purpose, but is email marketing still considered to be a relevant way to contact the customer? As social networks continue to emerge and get updated to be bigger and better than ever, are marketers looking towards these social areas as a more strategic option to reveal the message about brands and products?


  • Email Marketing 2.0
  • The ASSESSMENT Approach to an Email Marketing Strategy
  • How to Win a Gold Medal in Email Marketing
  • The Perfect Basket Abandonment
  • Leveraging Cross-Channel Data to Drive Relevant Communications
  • Q&A: Tim Kopp
  • Case Study: Oovie
  • Case Study: ACP Media
  • Solution Providers