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Fraud Prevention

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About this Report

Discover how fraud is being managed in Australia and around the world in the following pages of this report, where we also provide some deeper insights into how some companies can seek to reduce manual handling in this area. The more transactions that can be monitored in a streamlined, automated fashion, the more likely your business will be protected from the nefarious people and organisations.


Every year an increasing number of transactions take place remotely. Consequently, an increasing number of fraudulent transactions occur, causing pain for the businesses and legitimate customers that often get caught out as a result. While the government, banks and payment gateway providers all have a role to play in reducing the risk of fraud, ultimately every business transacting online must take ownership of its fraud prevention capabilities in order to maintain their customers’ trust and to minimise direct losses.


  • Upping the Ante in the Battle for Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Retail Risks: The Double-edged Sword of Mobile Commerce
  • Creating and Reviewing Rules to Streamline an Anti-Fraud Strategy
  • Q&A with Mark Michelon
  • Case Study – Motorcycle Superstore
  • Solution Providers