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Integrated Marketing

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About this Report
This report will feature all the information you need to know on why it is important for your business to engage in integrated marketing. Case studies will give you examples of how best to sort through and implement marketing options and the necessary changes to improve your business.

In the increasingly interconnected world, consumers expect a consistent and seamless experience regardless of whether they are shopping on a website or in-store, viewing an advert on television, on their mobile or through email. It is becoming crucial for marketers to break down the barriers between channels in order to provide a fully integrated experience in order to ensure branding and a cohesive customer experience.


  • Integrated Marketing
  • Breaking Down the Channels
  • How Map Coffee Embraced Integrated Marketing
  • Is Integrating Marketing Channels Important for Online Retailers?
  • Q&A with Sue Cook, Managing Director, TAOS Creative
  • Solution Providers