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Main Category Pages is the second book in Power Retail’s five-part Website Excellence Series. Veteran digital strategist Greg Randall presents his research findings on how to supercharge your overall website and drive ROI through improved main category page performance.

Includes examples of leading Australian and global online and omnichannel retailers and the best-in-breed strategies driving their success online.

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Book 2 of Power Retail’s Website Excellence Series, written by the acclaimed Greg Randall is now available.

Below are some examples of what has been achieved when retailers follow the guidance in this book:

  1. Conversion rates when consumers start their journey on the main category pages increase by up to 46%
  2. Page value of main category pages increase up to 35%

After reading Book 2: Main Category Pages, you will learn…

  • How to construct a best practice main category page for both desktop and smartphone screens.
  • How the smartphone main category page demands unique treatment from the desktop version.
  • What a best practice smartphone menu system needs to look and behave like.
  • About the dangers of not having best practice main category pages infused into the category hierarchy on your site.
  • About the common consumer behaviour of taking “back steps” and how main category pages enhance “back step journeys”.
  • About the “3 click rule (to view products)”, one main reason some retailers don’t have main category pages.  Then understand why the “3 clicks rule” is outdated and the danger it causes to consumer journeys.
  • Understand which Australian retailers or delivering good and bad main category pages and learn about the changes they can make to improve engagement on these pages.
  • Learn how Book 2, Main Category Pages, continues on from where Book 1 (Homepage) finishes.
  • Learn how Book 1 and Book 2 is the start of the construction of best practice end-to-end journeys to establish a foundation from which to grow and evolve from.

Greg Randall of Comma Consulting has spent over 50,000 hours (and counting) of time on improving, creating, and developing digital/eCommerce channels for retailers. In this current retail environment, it is now more important than ever that retailers ensure best practice guidelines are met. This 99 page guide delivers invaluable insights on the best practice rules that need to be applied when determining placement, treatment and behaviours of home page elements.


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