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Marketplaces 2.0

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About this Report
Here, we look in detail at the current online marketplace landscape, analysing the latest developments and innovations, and detailing best practice case studies to aid retailers in capitalising on the potential of these various channels. Marketplaces powerhouses like eBay and Amazon represent an avenue through which to reach a large community of consumers, with very little heavy work. We look at how these marketplaces have evolved, not to mention the vast array of newer players.

The growth trajectory of online marketplaces runs parallel with that of the evolution of online retail. In one sense, the internet itself can be viewed as a super-marketplace, yet the popularity of online shopping would not be what it is now without the individual platforms dedicated to this purpose.


  • The Evolution of Community-driven Online Marketplaces
  • Marketplaces Timeline: A Long History
  • Best Practice Listings for Marketplaces
  • Selling Yourself on an Online Marketplace
  • Case Study: RetailSplash
  • Solution Providers