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Mobile Site Search

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About this Report

Enter: ‘Site Search for Mobile’, a document specifically designed to give online and multichannel retailers a starting point for overcoming the technological and design challenges presented by this disruptive retail channel.


Each new wave of technology brings new ways for consumers to discover, research and purchase products. The popularisation of the internet was considered a revolution that has caught many retail businesses out, with some still struggling to develop the internal processes and external presence to make the most of this opportunity. Since the introduction and subsequent rise of smartphones, a new revolution is at hand. At the forefront of concerns for retailers in this space is ensuring mobile customers can easily find and access specific product information as quickly as possible.


  • Considering Site Search for Mobile Devices
  • The Multicultural Nature of Modern Shopping
  • Practical Concerns for Mobile Site Search
  • Q&A with SLI Systems’ Mark Brixton
  • Case Study: CrackaWines
  • Solution Provider