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Using Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics

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If you feel that you’re missing out on the benefits of Enhanced Ecommerce within your Google Analytics, this tip sheet from Panalysis can help.


Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce can not only report on just purchase values from your website but can track every stage of the purchase transaction and interactions which led up to the final stage of purchasing. These tips will help you in understanding the basics of Ecommerce tracking and reporting and allow for your business to grow and be well informed on all aspects of your purchase process.

Get the most from Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics with these top tips from Panalysis and start making incisive, evidence-based decisions to grow your Ecommerce business today.

Content Overview:

  • Standard Vs. Enhanced
  • Check your baseline
  • Connect the dots
  • Separate the dots
  • Make reporting make sense
  • Data goes both ways