Special Reports
Retail ERP System

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About this Report

This Special Report on Retail ERP Systems will provide information on the benefits of ERP systems, the challenges of choosing and implementing a system, and creating a strategy to realise the maximum benefits from the project.


Consumer shopping habits are continuing to evolve, and where consumers lead retailers must follow or risk losing out in an increasingly competitive environment. As shopping channels proliferate and intertwine, as shoppers come to expect a broader range of delivery options, being able to operate across integrated back and front-end systems is becoming a significant competitive advantage. ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems can provide retailers with significant benefits including: improving customer service, enhancing data visibility and streamlining fulfilment operations. This special report aims to provide you with as much information as possible about different ERP requirements, system capabilities and benefits, costs and resources, and more.

Report Contents

  • ERP – Are you Ready to Take the Plunge?
  • Choosing and Implementing an ERP
  • Surviving and Thriving Post-Implementation
  • Q&A
  • Case Study