Special Reports
Securing Your Retail Network

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About this report

This special report will examine how implementing security infrastructure to protect retail networks, including firewall and anti-malware, can not only protect revenue streams, but also increase customer engagement.


As retail organisations continue to make investments in big data analytics, they must also take steps to secure customer data. Just as hackers are using more advanced techniques to elude discovery, retailers must deploy sophisticated security tools to protect their customers and bolster consumer confidence. With the ongoing evolution of omnichannel retail, customers expect to be able to shop anywhere, anytime. However, providing this retail experience creates numerous vulnerable points in your network for hackers to exploit. How to protect yourself and your business is what we will uncover in this special report.


  • The Challenge of Digital Security
  • Why Securing your Retail Network Has Never Been More Important
  • Risk Analysis and Security Maturity
  • Q & A with Jack Chan, Security Strategist, Fortinet
  • Case Study – Lush