Spotlight Series: Buy Now, Pay Later


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Power Retail’s inaugural Spotlight Series report on Buy Now, Pay Later services is now available. Produced by Power Retail’s research and insights team, this report is based on nationwide research, with over 5,000 retailer and consumer respondents and addresses the pressing issues of how important Buy Now, Pay Later options are to consumers, where it’s headed and how to leverage it for profit and growth.


Includes over 34 pages of cutting-edge statistics and insights into Buy Now, Pay Later in Australia and overseas, including:

  • BNPL has reached a critical mass in the Australian online shopper market with in excess of 1.8 million users and a growth rate of over 120 percent per annum.
  • The most common BNPL transactions are conducted weekly, and most are for between $100 and $249.
  • The growth in BNPL has been dramatic. From 50,000 transactions a month in April 2016, to June 2018 each reported 1.9 million transactions.
  • Both shoppers and retailers agree that those consumers who use BNPL tend to spend more, to buy more items, to shop more frequently and to be more loyal to retailers who provide it.
  • The growth in BNPL has been dramatic. From 50,000 transactions per month in April 2016, to 1.9 million transactions in June 2018.

Buy Now, Pay Later is a hot topic for Australian online retailers right now coming out of the Royal Commission and recent ASIC report. Make sure you’re getting the inside word with Power Retail. Available now.