Spotlight Series

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Power Retail’s Spotlight Series Reports empower e-commerce industry professionals with the insights they need to make better decisions.

Each report is based on nationwide research, with over 5,000 retailer and consumer respondents and addresses a key e-commerce challenge. The series is an invaluable resource for e-commerce professionals looking to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive market.

About this Report:

Discounting is a pivotal but often very complex feature of online shopping for retailers. In this report, produced by the Power Retail Research & Insights Team based on nationwide research, with more than 5,600 retailer and consumer respondents, the importance and impact that discounting is having on the e-commerce industry is explored.

Discounts are the bane of most retailers’ lives. Even those retailers who thrive on promoting themselves as having the cheapest prices still seek to maximise the margin on every product. Online retailers face an extremely complex competitive environment in terms of the numbers and types of competitors, the ease with which consumers can check prices, and the historical perspective of online retail as a cheaper option than bricks and mortar stores.

This report provides actionable insights which can be used by retailers to guide strategy as they seek to optimise discounting and find the balance between attracting shoppers and remaining profitable.

Report Contents: 

  • Key Takeouts
  • Discounts in Context
  • Discount Types
  • Shopper Insights
  • Shopper Behaviour
  • Sales Events
  • Competitive Strategies