Special Reports
Supply Chain Optimization

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About this Report

This special report will provide a guide for optimising your supply chain, whatever the size of your business. It will explore such areas as using analytics for demand forecasting; creating a unified, cross-channel view of the supply chain; using stores for both sales and fulfilment; and ultimately ensuring that your business as many available options as possible for fulfilling every e-commerce order.


Optimising your supply chain can streamline the entire fulfilment process from stock replenishment to point of sale, through the warehouse, dispatch and delivery. This can include a range of benefits including faster delivery times and lower delivery costs, and lower storage costs and higher profit margins. This special report will help you to understand the benefits of supply chain optimisation and start to develop strategies to ensure your supply chain is free from roadblocks and bottlenecks and operating at peak efficiency.


  • Contents and Foreword
  • Optimising the Supply Chain
  • Creating a Supply Chain Optimisation Strategy
  • Four Common Packaging Pitfalls
  • Q&A with SealedAir’s Brendan Thomas
  • Case Study – Booktopia
  • Q&A with Pronto’s Chad Gates
  • Case Study – Gasweld Tool Centre
  • Q&A with Toll’s Luke Condon
  • Solution Providers