The 2016 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook (ebook)


Power Retail presents its biggest ever publication – The 2016 E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook, featuring the Top 100 Online Retailers and the Top 20 New Zealand Online Retailers. At 354 pages, it’s the biggest ever, featuring profiles on brands including YourGrocer, Sneakerboy, Naked Wines, Mon Purse, OzSale and more, plus best practice advice, case studies, design guides and the 2016 Power Retail Benchmarking Report.

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The fifth edition of the annual Playbook is here! It features the now-staple Top 100 Australian online retailers, accompanied by the Top 20 New Zealand online retailers.

In addition, take vital insights away from a host of local and international retailer case profiles, see how the market is turning with the Online Retail Benchmarking Study, and search through our Asia-Pacific Solution Providers Directory to find who will bring your next idea to life!


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