Amazon Plans to Open More Bookstores

e-Commerce giant Amazon may have plans to open more bricks and mortar bookstores, with Washington D.C being speculated as the next location.

This week Amazon announced they would be required to collect and remit sales tax in Washington D.C., beginning October 1 this year. The company made no further comment, however speculations have arisen as to weather the e-Commerce giant plans to open more bookstores.

Washington DC is ranks third on Amazon’s list of Most-Well-Read-Cities, based on book sales and downloads per capita. D.C. would certainly be a good location-fit for an Amazon bookstore.

A year ago Amazon opened its first retail store near its headquarters in Seattle, which ranked number one on the company’s well-read-city list. It followed, with opening its second bookstore in San Diego earlier this month.

The fact that Amazon will begin collecting sales tax in Washington D.C. is a strong indicator that it is looking to open another bookstore, the Washington Post, a paper owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, reported.

Although the online retail giant refused to comment further on its D.C. sales tax collection announcement, it’s worth noting that Bezos recently said at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, they are “definitely” opening more stores, although he didn’t reveal how many.

Ironically, Amazon was founded on the vision of putting bricks and mortar bookstores out of business. Its aggressive discounting of book prices eventually put book chains like Borders, out of business in 2011, and caused pain to Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore chain in the U.S.

Amazon’s retail bookstores use data it collects from its online store, based on customer ratings and sales, to decide which books it will stock in its physical stores. Books are also displayed face-out in-store, as opposed to the traditional spine-out display.

Further to selling books, Amazon bookstores allow their customers to try and buy hardware devices that the company manufactures, including Kindle, Echo and Fire Tablet gadgets as well.


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