ASOS Launches New Discovery Tool: Visual Search

By Prinitha Govender | 17 Aug 2017

ASOS has launched its new visual search tool, one that lets shoppers search its 85,000 plus products by uploading a photo via its mobile app, enabling technology to remove the friction of finding an item that you have seen someone else wearing.

Customers can now take a photo of someone else’s bag or jacket and use it to find a replica on ASOS’s app. Think of all those fashion stalking moments (ladies, I’m talking to you here) when you’ve spotted a gorgeous dress or bag on a stranger, and either awkwardly approached them to ask them where the got it from, or just didn’t due to the unease of actually speaking to someone on your train commute.

Thanks to AI, ASOS’s new visual search technology can identify shape, print, colour and more, and dish out relatively similar options to at least inspire discovery towards an online purchase.

ASOS currently stocks over 85,000 products on its e-commerce site with over 5,000 new items being added each week. With one of the key challenges in online retail being that balance between new items being discovered amongst a large volume of products, the buzzword “discovery” is gaining traction – and this is what ASOS leverages with its new visual search feature.

ASOS Launches New Discovery Tool: Visual Search

With e-commerce becoming increasingly crowded, today it’s a necessity that your customers are able to not only see, but discover your product as much as possible, and ASOS has been a pioneer in this space for many years.

ASOS comes tops in its visual commerce offering. In 2013, it was one of the first online retailers to introduce catwalk videos in its product pages, and while you may think this is old, many online retailers still haven’t caught on yet. Fast forward to 2017, ASOS is now moving the needle in visual commerce.

Over the next year, the company is planning to add another 200 staff to its 900-strong tech team. It’s currently hiring engineers, scientists and more, to trial artificial intelligence, chatbots and augmented reality, that will help fulfill its vision of nailing the customer experience online.

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