Australian Shoppers Prefer Pureplay Retailers

There is further evidence that Australian retailers are missing out on their slice of the online shopping pie with 48 percent of consumers more likely to frequently buy from pureplay retailers, compared to 17% for bricks and mortar stores.

The findings were revealed in Nielsen’s Global Consumer Confidence Survey for Q3 2011. The report clearly demonstrates just how much Australian consumers are beginning to shop online, with 15.9 million people utilising the internet each month – a huge number considering our total population of 22.6 million.

Other statistic revealed by the report indicate that:

  • 48% of consumers frequently buy from pureplay retailers.
  • 17% frequently buy from bricks and mortar stores.
  • 14% have never shopped online.
  • 13% choose to buy from sites that enable purchases from multiple stores.
  • 9% are more likely to buy from a site that sells through catalogues or via telephone.
  • 24% of consumers said they use social media to make purchase decisions.
Nielsen Graph
Credit: The Nielsen Company

The report also reveals which retailers saw the greatest growth in unique audiences to their sites in the three months leading up to December 2011. Myer tops the list with 61% growth, alongside Westfield. The heavy hitters are then followed by JB Hifi, Dick Smith Electronics, The Good Guys, Target Australia, Woolworths, Big W, and Kmart.


5 thoughts on “Australian Shoppers Prefer Pureplay Retailers

    • Tom
    • 1st February

    Sounds like 52% of people need educating. 🙂

  1. I am very encouraged for seeing such survey result. It has told us that OZ consumers are improving their online shopping understanding and experience. is a typical pureplay online retail in technology industry. We were placed at 15th from BRW Fast100 for 2011. With a unique and focused all-in-one platform, we have made a strong differentiation from national retailers, IT resellers and online clearance stores. We expect to gain further stronger growth and more market share in 2012.
    I really appreciate the effort from PowerRetail. It is a great media for helping Australian businesses and consumers to catch up the global trend and standard of e-commerce.

  2. Pure plays are often also niche retailers who know their stuff really really well – like us, 🙂 – it would be interesting to see how many of the clicks and bricks stores are departments stores etc.

    • Dean Millard
    • 2nd February

    I’m interested to know what questions those surveyed were asked in collating those figures. For example the response could have been different if the question was “How do you prefer to shop, option a, b, c etc… compared to “when shopping on line, how do you prefer to shop, option a, b, c etc…” Is it possible to access the questionnaire? Because they are pretty interesting numbers.

    1. Hi Dean,

      Thank you for your interest in Power Retail.

      We do not currently have access to that information from Nielsen, however I recommend posing the question to their media team – if I have the time, I may well follow it up myself.

      Here’s a link to their Contact page:


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