Birdsnest Offers Changeroom Add-On Service

Power Retail By Power Retail | 13 Oct 2017

Online fashion retailer have amped up its customer experience with the launch of the ‘Birdsnest Changeroom’ giving shoppers the freedom to order up to $1000 worth of styles to try before they buy.

Birdsnest customers can now try on $1000 worth of merchandise before they buy using ZipPay. This new try-on service means Birsdnest can now offer extra easy returns for its consumers, which also includes curated styling tips and tricks.

Customers are given the option to upgrade their order to a ‘Birdsnest Changeroom’ for $9.95, where the retailer will send them up to $1000 worth of styles to try on, and a paid returns bag to send anything back that they don’t love. This gives customers the option to try on everything they are considering before deciding what to keep, and they only pay for what they don’t send back.

Birdsnest will also help customers fill up their ‘Changeroom’ using the customer’s ‘Style Profile’ to curate personally recommended styles to suit the body shape, lifestyle, and favourite colours of the customer. If the ‘Style Profile’ has been filled in, styling tip cards will be included in the parcel.

Birdsnest Offers Changeroom Add On Service birdsnest changeroom 3-commerce Australia online shopping

“It’s our mission to help our customers fall in love with the best style for them. This experience means that customers can order several items to try on in the comfort of their own home, giving them the opportunity to find the perfect fit, try something they never thought they would wear, get advice from friends and family, and to be truly confident in the styles they choose to keep” says Birdsnest founder, Jane Cay.

The Birdsnest Changeroom has been a successful initiative for the Australian online retailer, winning the award for Hot Innovator at the 2017 All Star Bash online retail awards. Birdsnest’s new add-on changeroom service offers their existing customers an enhanced shopping experience while attracting new customers with a premium service that addresses known barriers to shopping online. “Birdsnest once again proves that happy customers really are the key ingredient to a successful business,” says Cay.

Primary and secondary image source: Style and Shenanigans

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