New Retail: No Brands. Everything Costs $3

There’s a new player in online retail; it’s selling unbranded merchandise including food, grocery supplies and other items, all with a price tag of US $3.

Online-only store called Brandless launched on 11th July, and sells generic kitchen supplies like peanut butter, macaroni, coffee pods, coconut oil and quinoa, as well as cleaning supplies and beauty products.

Everything from its collection, known as “essentials” costs only US $3, mainly because it takes away what the company refers to as “brand tax” which includes hidden costs packaging and distribution of traditional goods.

While one may think generic packaging may be boring and less-than-attractive, think again. Brandless’s merchandise comes in cool minimalist packaging that won’t look out of place next to pricier brands. Why $3? Company founders, Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler, say they saw $3 as a mid point between value and quality.

brandless online store us grocery

There’s also only one choice for each item, which its founders say will stop consumers from becoming “paralysed” by too much choice.

The idea behind the business came from Sharkey and Leffler looking at the changes in consumer behaviour and how so many name brands today are struggling. They also found a gap in the market, where people are increasingly looking for healthier foods at the supermarket, however, these items are usually accompanied with a hefty price tag.

The pureplay sells mainly all-natural and organic food items, like organic, fair trade, kosher, gluten-free and GMO-free. More than half of its food merchandise is organic, according to the company.

“Brandless is about more than any individual product we sell,” co-founder Tina Sharkey wrote in a blog post for Medium. “It is about the true democratisation of goodness.  Sharkey says the goal of Brandless is to offer everyone “better stuff at affordable prices.”

brandless online store us grocery

Brandless founders Ido Leffler and Tina Sharkey | Image Source: Medium

All Brandless products are unique to the store, as it executes exclusive partnerships with manufacturers, and at the same time creates packaging that reduces waste and keeps things simple.

In addition, Brandless will donate one meal for every online order placed, through its partnership with Feeding America. As the company grows, it says it will continue to seek new ways to “leave a positive impact” on the community and the planet.

So, what does this all mean for consumers? It means they can order from their couch (pants optional), feel good about their purchases and grab good quality healthy foods at bargain prices! What’s there to think about…. when are they coming here?

About Brandless

Brandless is the brainchild of Silicon Valley vets, Sherpa Capital venture partner Tina Sharkey and entrepreneur Ido Leffler who founded the company two years ago. Available only to local consumers, Brandless offers a flat shipping rate US $9 flat rate, with free shipping over US $72. And, if customers become a member (for US $36 a year), its free shipping threshold lowers to $48.

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