Cotton On E-Commerce Platform Shows Strong Results

With plans to expand its international footprint more in 2017, apparel retailer Cotton On says it has strategies in place to improve its online shopping platform further, following its recent implementation of a number of enhancements.

Cotton On, one of Australia’s largest fashion and lifestyle retailers, says it’s looking to further deliver an outstanding customer experience online, that is consistent with its brand values.

The company says it will focus on leveraging the modern best practices that are being adopted in more mature e-commerce markets such as the UK and US. In the last couple years, the brand has invested heavily in growing its online operations, nationally and internationally, which it says is a key priority.

“We are a relatively young and determined company with no set boundaries and an intimate knowledge of our customers. With millennials representing such a large proportion of our customer base, having the right e-commerce experience is critical to achieving our goals,” says general manager of e-commerce at Cotton On Group, Brendan Sweeney.

Since relaunching its well received e-commerce platform in 2014, Cotton On Group’s online sales have increased by 50 percent, year on year. A more user friendly platform, mobile optimisation, a more streamlined transaction process and easier navigation are all key upgrade features.

Central to the Group’s strongest peak period for online trading has been building brand loyalty online, without resorting to discounts. Cotton On says it segments its messages per target audience, ensuring it communicates with its customers in the right way, by showing them the most relevant products.

In Asian markets, for example, the company creates capsule collections around certain events, like the Chinese New Year and Ramadan. During the Year of the Monkey, it designed a collection with 140 items, with some styles sold out within a few days of launching.

otton on group year of the monkey e-commerce platform singapore asia

Cotton On Group Year of the Monkey collection launch in Singapore

When it comes to conversion rates, the brand is strong on removing any disruptors to the flow of the online shopping journey. Multiple payment options have been a big success in this area. Contributing to its focus on a seamless shopping experience, the company demands arduous A/B split testing, optimised site layout, browser compatibility and exceptional copy.

Ultimately, Cotton On knows that understanding the customer journey is key, making sure that acquisition channels drive traffic to appropriate pages on its webstore.

The company also focuses on data analytics to increase its conversion rates. A big ticket item in this area is understanding consumer behaviour of new customers vs returning customers, and using data to customise its messaging and monitoring behaviour by device, which includes cross-device tracking. Ultimately, the brand is looking to maximise the shopping experience for consumers, no matter where that begins, be in on a mobile device, tablet, laptop or in-store.

Born in 1991, Geelong based Cotton On Group delivers on trend products at an affordable price point, across its eight fashion and lifestyle brands. Today, it has a network of over 1,400 stores in 18 countries and a global team of over 20,000 people, and says it has no plans of slowing down.

“The Cotton On Group is a real Australian success story. We have a singular focus on giving our customers products that are fashion-focused at an exceptional price and quality,” says Sweeney.

In 23 years, the brand says its genuine belief, optimistic spirit and willingness to give things go, has seen it expand into sleepwear, footwear, intimates, active, kids, party and youth wear, as well as stationery and items in-between.

Cotton on Group say it’s “people-first” attitude and a genuine belief in the team, along with its ability to listen to its customers and respond to their needs, has been the cornerstone of its success to date.


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