E-Commerce Toolkit: Top Tips From Australian Retailers

By Neha Kale | 13 Oct 2011

Brimming with e-commerce inspiration, but not sure about the next steps? Get a little help from Cracka Wines, OzSale, Milan Direct, Ted’s Cameras and OzHut.

WaiHong Fong, Managing Director, OzHut

Think incremental. In building your online store, it’s tempting to want to have all the bells and whistles all at once. However, what you end up doing is wasting precious time perfecting rather than actually seeing what your customers think of your improvements. Get a site going and improve incrementally to avoid the perfection trap.

Jason Robertson, E-Commerce and Photo- Finishing Executive, Ted’s Cameras

Try to establish what goals you want to set, the timeline you require to complete and what you believe the result will achieve. Managing fewer projects properly may take a little longer but will ultimately lead to better results.

Update your remaining priorities regularly and focus on your end user always. Finally, agree prior to starting how you are going to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your activities. Are you trying to achieve increased traffic or conversion or reduce the clicks to purchase? If things aren’t going totally to plan, take the time to try to find out why.

Jamie Jackson, Founder and Chairman, OzSale and the APAC Sales Group

“Don’t forget what your core business is – traffic alone is not a guarantee of success. The APAC Sale Group places a strong emphasis on searching the globe for the best products at the best prices. This is our core business and has been instrumental in converting traffic to transactions and creating a loyal membership base while also delivering unique inventory management options for our suppliers.”

Dean Ramler, CEO, Milan Direct

“The absolute number one e-commerce tip I could give is to treat your customers like king. In the online world you simply cannot afford to have any unsatisfied customers.

Five years ago if you had an unhappy customer leave your store, they may go home and tell five friends about the experience. Today with the power of social media, that unhappy customer can jump online and tell their story about a bad online shopping experience to the entire web community. So get your products right, get your processes and systems right but don’t forget to do everything possible to ensure that the customer experience is nothing short of sensational at all stages of the buying process.”

Shane Pettiona, Founder, Crackawines.com.au

“Online doesn’t just shift sales from traditional bricks and mortar businesses, it stimulates peoples buying and selling habits and creates economic stimulus.
 Traditional retailers who don’t develop fully integrated online strategies will struggle to sustain any real growth in the future.”

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