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2017 sees retailer close its bricks and mortar store and focus on its e-commerce platform only, unveiling its online marketplace comprising homewares, fashion and luxe categories, among others.

“The idea to extend the Esther offering from a marketplace stemmed from my personal experience where I was looking to other platforms instead of my own to find everyday home and soft furnishings, plus swimwear and intimates,” say founder and CEO, Talita Estelle.

Since launching as bricks and mortar in 2004, Estelle has taken the brand leaps and bounds moving solely to a digital platform not only in Australia but globally. Now in her 13th year of trading Estelle says the focus is to bring to life a one-stop-shop, where the busy modern woman of today could come to fill all her wants & needs with just a few clicks.

introducing marketplace Talita Estelle

Talita Estelle, founder of

“I knew that introducing the Esther marketplace to the industry would not only benefit the customer but also the brands involved,” comments Estelle.

“My vision for the Esther Marketplace was to create a platform which would assist boutique brands in increasing both sales and brand awareness. Beyond creating a platform which would benefit brands, my focus was also to bring to life a ‘one stop shop’ where the busy modern woman of today could seamlessly have access to a range of clothing, beauty, homeware products and more.  I felt introducing the Esther marketplace to the industry was in the best interest of both brands and consumers.”

introducing marketplace

Estelle says being only bricks and mortar was confining for the brand and says selling the store and focusing more on the digital platform will allow the brand to expand rapidly.

“The transition was a very smooth one. I didn’t want Esther to be kept within the walls of a brick & mortar store. This was ultimately what led to the decision of going completely online. Once we sold off our bricks and mortar stores we were able to dedicate our time to which allowed us to rapidly expand our worldwide reach and customer base.”

Brands that have already come on board include Peony swimwear, Ashton & Harper candles, Mosmann intimates, Homewares from Ivory and Deene and El Roy eyewear with further brands due to come on board in the coming weeks.

“Excitingly, it’s been very well received – in less than 2 months we already six brands on board! Current brands already on board encompass beauty, homewares, eyewear, swimwear & intimates. We are looking to expand our offering even further this year to include maternity, stationary, jewellery, footwear and more. We will continue to expand product variety and ranges on the Esther Marketplace to truly bring to life a one-stop-shop.” 

This year will also launch a new area of the website dedicated to weddings in order to better showcase its exclusive Esther Luxe bridesmaids range. “To complement this new area of the website we’ll also look to bring on brands in the bridal industry.  Additionally, we will be launching Esther’s international website in combination with beautiful international boutique brands.”

The marketplace is live now and is exposed to over 77,000 unique users weekly.

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