US Flash Sales Retailer Gilt Offers Discounts to ‘Pin It’

Pinterest came roaring onto the social media scene so quickly that it is drawing the attention of retailers worldwide. Now, flash sales giant Gilt is even offering specials for pinned items.

Gilt follows a flash sales model not dissimilar to the original French site that defined exclusive deals online, Ventes-privée. As such, Gilt advertises products at “up to 60 percent off” to its members, who then have a limited amount of time to make good on the deal. By adding a social media platform like Pinterest to the mix, members now have a great way of communicating deals or coveted products with friends, driving up the effectiveness of the flash sales model.

Now, Gilt have gone one step further in promoting their brand on Pinterest.

Called “Pin it to Unlock,” the social commerce feature allows shoppers to reveal a better deal on selected Gilt Kids products by re-pinning it. Basically, once the product’s image has been pinned 50 times, the pin then links the user to a hidden sale for the item, which can then be purchased at a price as low as 77 percent off original retail price.

“We are giant fans of Pinterest. We think it’s the future,” General Manager of Gilt Kids, Rachel Jarrett told TechCrunch. “This is a new and exciting way to offer a promotion. We know moms are highly engaged there and it’s a great way to interact with them. We think this is just the beginning of endless Pinterest possibilities.”

While Pinterest has already been recognised as incredibly popular with fashion-conscious women, Gilt seems to have put some thought into drilling down even further in targeting this campaign.

By targeting the campaign at mothers, Gilt has identified the largest and most significant demographic using Pinterest on Gilt products. This allows Gilt to test this new style of promotion in a way that is most likely to be successful and will only generate further interest for the future.

It also helps that Pinterest as social network seems to lend itself entirely to complementing Gilt’s sales model.

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