The Iconic’s New Visual Search Tool

The Iconic has launched its new visual search tool ‘Snap to Shop’ on its mobile app, to help customers discover new products, find inspiration and more readily uncover items they wish to purchase.

Following in the footsteps of UK based ASOS, Australian largest online fashion marketplace, The Iconic, has launched its new visual search tool ‘Snap to Shop’ that will allow its customers to search for clothing, sportswear and accessories simply by uploading a photo or taking a snap via The Iconic app.

The Iconic is the first retailer in Australia to launch image-search technology, which it says will help customers find inspiration and more readily discover items they wish to purchase from an assortment of over 50,000 products and 800 brands.

With over one million app downloads since its launch in 2013, The Iconic app is a key driver of traffic to its online platform, which boasts over ten million visits per month.

‘Snap to Shop’ uses technology developed in partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, and applies machine learning to continuously improve customer experience and search results.

“With two out of three of our shoppers purchasing via The Iconic mobile device this year alone, we know there is a strong demand for a mobile-first and more personalised shopping experience,” says The Iconic’s chief technology officer, Zoe Ghani.

“We’re thrilled to be offering our customers a new way to engage and discover products within The Iconic catalogue with ‘Snap to Shop’ visual search technology. As a retailer that strives to be at the forefront when creating seamless shopping experiences, ‘Snap to Shop’ means that Australian customers will be able to discover and receive their favourite products faster than ever. Visual search is just the beginning of what we’re working on at The Iconic to ensure our customers have the latest shopping tech at their fingertips”.

The Iconic Unveils New Visual Search Tool snap to shop

How does Snap to Shop work?

  • Users search items by taking a photo or uploading a photo of a product via the app for inspiration.
  • The Iconic uses an algorithm to visually match that photo to products from its product assortment.
  • Products from The Iconic that visually match the image the user uploaded are then served to the customer for browsing.
  • ‘Snap to Shop’ matches images across our entire portfolio of products including dresses, shirts, shoes, pants and accessories.
  • Users can search for products on The Iconic by uploading or taking a photo of clothing they see during the day – whether it’s clothing or accessories posted on social media or in a magazine, in real life or even at another store.

Launched just in time for Christmas and the summer party season in Australia, ‘Snap to Shop’ is now available for online customers on The Iconic iOS and Android.

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