Klika TV Launches to Build Brand Loyalty

Online department store Klika has launched Klika TV, a new offering it says was developed to humanise the brand and enhance its customer shopping experience further, with the aim to increase website traffic, customer acquisition and retention.

Klika says it’s continuously monitoring its consumers’ needs and looking to minimise their pain points when it comes to shopping on its online platform. It also recognises the value of building brand loyalty and sharing its customer service values as well, according to Jabeen Pastore, Klika’s Marketing Manager. This is precisely why the retailer has launched Klika TV, which will hit many birds with one stone, so to speak, including in generating store and website traffic, and repeat business. “Klika TV will help us share our story and let our customers get to know us better.”

What was the thinking/strategy behind Klika TV?

“Klika TV was developed to humanise the Klika brand, and to communicate the importance of traditional shopping and customer service values. We’ve always been customer centric and are continuously monitoring consumer trends to allow us to identify their needs, minimise their pain points, and tune into key factors in generating store and website traffic and repeat business.

Klika TV is the perfect platform to share our messages, values, and initiatives that can enhance our customers’ shopping experience with us. It’s also important for us to let our customers know that when they shop with us, they are dealing with real people at a local destination and when they call us over the phone or communicate with us via live chat, they are being served real time by real people. Furthermore, their goods are dispatched right here from Melbourne.”

What do you hope to achieve from the Klika TV initiative?

“We want to build a sense of personalisation for our customers, and to create an emotive appeal towards our brand. We also see Klika TV as a great opportunity to build our brand equity and to increase customer acquisition and retention, by highlighting our key initiatives and keeping the community and customers abreast of our ever-growing products and services, including offering home installations and being a parcel connect outlet to ease some of the pain points online shoppers face post making their purchase. We are focused on being part of the solution and we want our customers to know that. Klika TV will help us share our story and let our customers get to know us better.

At Klika we are brand proud and passionate about what we do. In addition to letting our customers get to know us better, highlighting what we are all about via Klika TV will also remind our team what we stand for and continue to build internal team bonding and pride. We love Klika and we want our customers to feel the same way we do.”

What feedback (if any) has Klika received on Klika TV?

“It’s still early days, but so far, we are getting positive feedback and increased awareness on some products and after sale services that customers weren’t aware of previously. We are looking forward to producing and sharing upcoming content that will paint a clearer picture and tell our story better. Stay tuned for industry trends and our take on it, faces behind the brand from the different departments, product top picks, product demonstrations and more insights on what sets us aside from our competitors. We are already up to episode 4, which launched yesterday. It’s been a very exciting journey for us with more to come.”

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About Klika

Founded in 2005, Australian owned and operated Klika an established online department store. Awarded as Top 20 Online Retailers in Australia, in addition to Power Retail Top 100 Retailers list, Klika offers over 6,000 products to shoppers covering everything from fitness equipment, tools, home living, music instruments and outdoor furniture, with a flat shipping rate nationwide for $9.95, trading 7 days a week from its Melbourne outlet.


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