Amazon Begins Russian Offensive

Russia’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property is rumoured to have received an application from online retail giant Amazon to register its trademark.

US-based online retail giant Amazon is rumoured to be opening its first offices in Russia, as reported by Forbes last week (in Russian), citing unnamed sources.

The development follows the news that Amazon is expanding its app distribution capabilities with the launch of its Android Appstore across 200 countries. However, the company’s plans for Russia show all the signs of a full-scale launch, with a heavy focus on online retailing.

In a recent report from comScore, Russia was identified  as Europe’s largest internet shopping market, with an audience of approximately 61.3 million. The nation’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) has received an application from Amazon to register the company’s trademark for the storage and delivery of goods, packaging for transportation as well as various digital capabilities.

As yet, Amazon hasn’t confirmed any specific details of its plans for Russia. However, most pundits believe the company will begin to corner the market with its Kindle and software ecosystem, before beginning to introduce a wider range of products.

The US tech giant isn’t the first to attempt the move to Russia, either. eBay opened its first offering in Russia in 2010, subsequently opening offices there last year.


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