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Having a great eye for style and design helps when selecting products for a new online retail initiative, but getting that product to move can be a completely different kettle of fish, as the co-founders of Details by Sven have found out.

Luke Ryan had worked in sales and marketing for two years in Sweden when he began forming a plan for a new online retail start up. At the time, he met his business partner Asa Nystrom, who was able to take on the buying role required for the concept.

Details by Sven is the result of the pair’s hard work and dedication to Scandinavian design. Their ties to Sweden allow them access to products that most Australian businesses wouldn’t consider stocking, while also blending these with local, original pieces.

“The concept came about early this year,” says Ryan. “I was finding it increasingly frustrating to find the one online store that made it easy for men to quickly find and shop the best collection of Australian designed accessories.”

Getting a Concept to Market – Fast

After initially having the idea, Ryan and Nystrom decided they wanted to prepare their offering for market as soon as possible. This meant developing their ideal online store with as little fuss as possible, which is why they chose to use Shopify as their e-commerce platform.

“To get from concept to market took us about three months,” Ryan explains. “Shopify has been great in making that process so fast. We are believers in the lean start up philosophy, and once the initial idea had been sketched out, we got to work building a minimal viable product with Shopify while selling our vision to the brands we wanted to have on board as suppliers.”

While the project is still in its infancy, Details by Sven might not carry the depth of inventory that some online retail stores can boast, however the pair have managed a solid range nevertheless.

“We’re focussed on providing two-three recommended products in each key category across our men’s accessories and lifestyle products range.”

Building Traffic

Unfortunately, the downside of  putting an online retail store together in a flash is that consumers may not know to look for it. Ryan points out that this has been the case so far with Details by Sven, but with the right marketing mix, this should soon change.

“The biggest challenge for us right now is generating traffic to the store, however we will never stop investing in marketing and customer service,” Ryan says.

“Currently, the majority of our marketing is conducted via social feeds, Facebook and Twitter being the obvious ones, but we’d like to do more with Pinterest.”

While the business venture is still quite a young one, it will certainly be interesting to see how Details by Sven develops in the coming year ahead.

Luke Ryan and Asa Nystrom - Co-founders of Details by Sven.

Luke Ryan and Asa Nystrom – Co-founders of Details by Sven.

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