Make Way for Australian Millennial Online Shoppers

Australian millennials aged 25 to 34 are driving online shopping, with the largest percentage of online shoppers.

Surprisingly, older generations are not too far behind, with 92 percent of respondents aged between 35 and 44 years indicating they have shopped online, followed closely by 45 to 54 year olds (87 percent) and over 55 year olds (81 percent), according to the Pitney Bowes 2016 Global Shopping Survey.

Australian millennials aren’t just leading the way in local online shopping. Overall, the results reveal that Australia is a global leader when it comes to cross-border online shopping (shopping from an online store based outside Australia).

Second only to Singapore (89 percent), the majority of Australians now shop cross-border (86 percent), compared to the likes of the United States, where just 45 percent of respondents indicated they have taken part in cross-border shopping online.

The study also revealed 90 percent of Australian millennials have shopped cross-border. Similarly, older generations are close behind, with 89 percent of survey respondents aged between 35 and 44 indicating they have also shopped cross-border.

The 2016 Pitney Bowes Global Online Shopping Study surveyed approximately 13,000 adults across 13 countries regarding their perceptions, habits and preferences for making online purchases.

Online Shopping Way of Life

The survey findings suggest online shopping has become a way of life for Australian shoppers. Almost half of the Australian respondents now say they make domestic online purchases on a monthly basis, and close to one-fifth of Australians make daily or weekly purchases online.

However, Australians still prefer to make frequent purchases locally, with just 8 percent of Australian shoppers choosing to shop cross-border on a daily or weekly basis.

Online Retails Vs Marketplaces

Compared to a global average of 24 percent, almost half of Australian consumers favour individual retailers over marketplaces when making domestic online purchases, citing brand loyalty, trust and personalisation as the top reasons for staying true to Australian online retailers.

When it comes to making an online purchase outside of Australia, the playing field is more equal, with 33 percent choosing online retailers, compared to 34 percent who prefer online marketplaces. This suggests retailers should consider a broad presence and multiple channels to reach global shoppers.

Shopping in the Mobile Age

Throughout the shopping journey, mobile devices are playing an increasingly pivotal role. More than a third (36 percent) of Australian consumers indicated they are likely to use a mobile device when browsing for products locally online. When it comes to purchasing, 29 percent of surveyed Australians use their mobile device.

Finding Products

The results also uncovered new insights into how consumers are finding products domestically online. Shoppers in Australia are likely to choose search engines (52 percent) and online retailers (52 percent) equally. Other popular discovery tools include email messages (24 percent) and online marketplaces (41 percent).


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