This is Why I’m Broke: Q&A with Founder Adam Freedman

By Samantha Youl | 13 Jun 2012

Adam Freedman is the Founder of geeky online magazine, This is Why I’m Broke. The site shows numerous useful/useless products and Freedman gave us an insight into the company.

This year a site that one can blissfully waste away an afternoon was found in the Power Retail headquarters. You can discover some of the geeky and interesting products available here. Adam Freedman is the Founder and Editor of This is Why I’m Broke. Based in Miami, the site started as a hobby, where Freedman curated lists of numerous (must have) products. Some of the products that feature are:

– Dumbbell eating utensils

– Camera lense coffee mug

– Space Invaders couch

– Dolphine power boat and many more.

“I followed a couple of similar websites and thought I could improve on their experience with a better website design and higher quality products presented,” says Freedman. “The site went viral after a month of two and I realised it was worth pursuing full time. So I quit my job and have been the ‘jack of all trades’ company owner ever since.”

Freedman says he has focused on his company being all about the user experience. It is not necessarily about making huge profits, rather the enjoyment of the site and the products on it.

“I went in with the philosophy of ‘I want to make a website that people actually like’ and I didn’t worry about making money. I focused on the user experience, and felt confident that if I gave them something unique, everything else would fall into place financially.”

So how does the business make money from listing these many pointless, and many wonderful products? Freedman explains, “we get a percentage of the sales price for products we refer customers to, if the product listed has an applicable affiliate program. Some products we get no compensation for, such as Etsy products, but they help add to the overall value/viewing experience of the website.” This is Why I’m Broke also sells some products as an Amazon seller.

Freedman did not come from a web background, and prior to setting up the company had zero experience, so his new career path was full of challenges.

“There were lots of obstacles with the site, from learning how to use photoshop, to learning how to maintain a large website and of course SEO. Now we are also getting into the wholsesaling business, which is a whole new area in itself with a considerable learning curve.”

A site with a very broad product range filled with all of life’s necessitys. Freedman shared his ideas on the future of This is Why I’m Broke.

“We’re looking to become the sellers on the the faster selling products and we are working with photographers to ensure even the most obsure products have great product shots. Currently we are in negotiations with a couple of companies to come out with our own unique products. We are also trying to crack into the gift guide website niche, where people can look through our site for genuine gift ideas and not just outrageous products that you’d probably only window shop for,” says Freedman.

What are some of the unusual products you have bought online? Leave your comments below.

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