Style Source Launches Digital Styling Moodboard

Style Sourcebook is a new Australian product sourcing and styling destination that has been developed to help customers renovate and decorate. The online platform has just launched its moodboard tool to help customers create their perfect space.

Homewares brands are offering an extra service to engage consumers with its digital platforms with the help of Style Sourcebook’s online platform. This interactive experience offers customers the opportunity to source individual products from stores, pulling a collection of products and brands together, via its moodboard tool. The objective is to bring all the products, tools and inspiration together across different retailers to help customers create their perfect space.

Featuring more than 700 brands and 30,000 products, the site allows shoppers to search for finishes, fittings, furniture and homewares all on the same platform, and then digitally style them via a moodboard tool.

Style Sourcebook’s drag and drop moodboard interface allows customers to mix and match cross-category products to produce a collage of swatches and products that will visually help them define their style. The platform enables online shoppers to collect their thoughts in one space and build on it coherently by adding inspirational images and notes alongside each of their space designs. Browsers can also choose to share their style on the site and across social media channels.

I had a squizz on Style Sourcebooks platform. While the moodboard tool is pretty nifty, the site does need some work. Four out of the seven items I chose to style up my living room were either out of stock, or wrongly priced when I was deferred to the retailer’s own website. From an inspirational point of view, I think it has merit as it was fun designing my own space with some of the beautifully curated selection of products, however if I found 15 different products from 15 different retailers, I would need to make 15 separate online purchases, which I found to be cumbersome, time consuming and inconvenient.

Style Source Launches Book Digital Styling Moodboard

PastelMoodBoardStyle Sourcebook was founded by Lisa Cousens, who has had over 15 years’ experience in building digital platforms at some of Australia’s leading online publishers.

Lisa created Style Sourcebook, after renovating her Edwardian home – spending hours searching separate websites and driving around to collect samples and swatches from individual retailers. Lisa says she wanted to create an online destination that helped simplify this process to make it more time efficient and enjoyable. “The objective is to bring all the products, tools and inspiration together across different retailers to help you create your perfect space”.

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