INFOGRAPHIC: Australian E-Commerce

With an estimated $37.1billion in sales projected for next year, the e-commerce industry in Australia becomes more exciting by the day.

The Australian consumer has already made the switch to digital in a very comprehensive way, making this country quite an interesting place for anyone with an e-commerce bent. 94 percent of the population have internet access, with almost 80 percent browsing online on a daily basis.

For more statistics on the general online, social and e-commerce habits of Australian consumers, has put together this handy infographic below.

Infographic on Australian e-commerce by


8 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: Australian E-Commerce”

  1. Paul Warren says:

    This is one of the best infographics I’ve ever seen, but I don’t think big w would be the biggest online store in aus.


    1. Hi Paul – thanks for commenting. Unfortunately judging the ‘biggest’ or ‘best’ online retail organisation is never an easy task.

      As you can see from the references, Competitions was using SmartCompany’s ‘E-commerce Superstars’ list from November last year.

      Perhaps there will be an even more accurate list available before too long?

  2. Gary says:

    The payment methods bit is confusing. What does it mean for PayPal to be in 2 segments?

    1. Hi Gary and thanks for pointing this out.

      After trawling through the research used, I’ve ascertained that they’re drawing from the ACMA Engage website (actually a hosted slide deck on the website), which quotes payment statistics.

      The difference between the payment types are consumers who use both credit and money transfer services (53%), versus credit-card only (25%), money transfer services only (12%) or none of these (9%).

  3. Extremely helpful data and very well presented. Helped me immensely for my market research on the Online Retail sector in Australia.
    Would appreciate it if you had any information/sources to share on Online Retail Business Models in Australia as well…


  4. dfgdfg says:

    not even close to being accurate top 10

  5. Paul Walker says:

    well presented and very informative. thanks!

    A small thing: why is twitter listed before LinkedIn?


  6. Tony says:

    Hey Paul, this is an old article. Based on the source data quoted, I’d say this was published sometime in 2012.
    Power Retail now publishes their own Top 100 online retailer list and annual industry stats anyway, so doubt they’d promote someone else’s!

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