Melbourne: Australia’s Online Shopping Capital

New data from eWay breaks out figures for Australia’s online shopping trends by region.

According to new data released by eWay, Melbourne’s inner city consumers are outspending Sydney-siders by a wide margin.

eWay’s ‘August Online Retail Report’ collates data from 2.19 million transactions – up from 1.89 million in August last year. eWay handles about one quarter of all online sales in Australia, providing a wealth of data from which to draw shopper insights.

The report shows that Melburnians in the 3000 postcode made up 2.09 percent of national transactions captured by eWay, way ahead of inner Sydney, which managed just .94 percent. Last month, Melbourne accounted for 1.38 percent of the total.

eWay's august online retail report

Top 10 cities by online transactions.

“Melbourne continues to dominate not only in the number of transactions made, but also the rate at which those volumes are growing each month — they are pulling ahead of the rest of the country,” said Matt Bullock, Founder and CEO of eWay.

The number of transactions made in Melbourne in August grew by 52 per cent year–on–year, compared to 24 per cent in Sydney, 21 per cent in Brisbane, and 22 per cent in Perth.

Toowoomba and Cairns continued to lead transaction volumes in regional areas of Australia, ranking fourth and fifth respectively. They also showed strong growth year–on–year.

In total, Australians transacted $358 million online during August via eWay, up 21 per cent from the year before at $296 million, with an average of $163 per transaction.

“While all eyes might be on on Melbourne, Queensland is also emerging as an online retail hot spot, with four of the top ten postcodes making transactions coming from the state,” Bullock said.

The report also provides some insight into the most popular website categories online, with daily deals sites being the clear winner overall.

eWay's august online retail report

eWay’s top 10 purchase categories online.

“Year–on–year the volume of transactions and spend online continues to grow, which is a good sign for retailers who have adapted to or who have started out in the online space,” Bullock said.


5 thoughts on “Melbourne: Australia’s Online Shopping Capital”

  1. Mark says:

    This of course is in complete contradiction to the last NAB report which said Perth people outspent everyone on a per capita basis.

  2. Tony says:

    I suppose that when you compare the source data, NAB sources their merchant data from those who use NAB as a their payment provider.
    eWay based their figures on theirs.
    Maybe eWay doesn’t have as many merchants using them in WA?

  3. Alex says:

    Hi Mark, Tony

    the fact that Melbourne CBD share in national transactions is 2% puzzled me too. I’ve got it however after some eforts, as I understood they count by delivery address, not where people live. So the most important implication from this that people shop a LOT at work.

    1. Tony says:

      Thanks for clarifying that Alex!

  4. Richard says:

    We have an overriding majority of shoppers online for our women’s fashion brand coming from NSW. I would say around 50-55% NSW, 20% QLD and 10-15% VIC.

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