Retailer’s Perspective – Marketing Through Your Packaging

By Michael Fox | 17 Oct 2011

Many online retailers underestimate the customer thrill of opening a purchase, but Shoes of Prey have this marketing and branding opportunity all wrapped up!

As an online retailer we view packaging as a key part of what we do. It’s one of the few physical touch points we have with our customers.

We’ve experimented a lot along the way and have finally settled on what our customers tell us is a fantastic experience to open.

Recently a customer Lucie, posted to our Facebook page a nine-part photo she’d put together showing the process of unwrapping the packaging for our shoes (posted above with her permission). In it you can see:

  • Matt black Shoes of Prey branded shoe box
  • Shoes of Prey black ribbon and tissue paper
  • Shoes of Prey branded silk shoe bag to keep your shoes in
  • Matt black envelope with wax seal
  • Developed photograph of your shoes
  • Handwritten note introducing you to your shoes
  • Bag with different shoe inserts to assist with comfort and sizing
  • Most importantly, the shoes themselves!

This packaging fits with our brand proposition. We offer high quality, beautiful bespoke, customised shoes. With that comes bespoke, tailored customer service. And our shoes are delivered in high quality, beautiful packaging complete with a customised photo and letter.

This sort of packaging isn’t going to work for all brands. It costs us a couple of dollars more than standard packaging, so if the brand proposition for your online retail business is the lowest price this type of packaging might not work well for you. However it fits nicely with our brand and when viewed as a marketing investment rather than an operational expense, we get a great return on investment from the money we spend on our packaging.

It’s another ‘purple cow‘ reason for customers to talk about our brand as Lucie has. In addition to the time and effort she’s gone to to put this photo together, I love her comment:

“You got me pretty emotional Shoes of Prey! Thank you so so much! ♥”

How do you approach packaging in your business? Which online retailers have you seen who do packaging really well?

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