Webinar: Optimising Magento for a Better User Experience

Find Power Retail’s recent webinar on enhancing the performance of your Magento e-commerce website with Macquarie Telecom here.

The speed at which your website is able to serve content to the user has a direct impact on its ability to convert.

This basic fact is true of any website, but as more and more e-commerce businesses develop their platform with Magento, a specific discussion is required for this software. While Magento offers plenty of functionality right out of the box, it isn’t necessarily well optimised for your business, and there are many techniques relating to hosting that can be employed to dramatically improve the website’s performance.

It was on this topic that Mike Lynch, Magento Technical Consultant and Stuart Mills, Head of Digital and SaaS Hosting , both from Macquarie Telecom, gave an informative presentation on Thursday, April 10.

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • A breakdown of the Magento ‘stack’
  • Various optimisation techniques, including technology suggestions and strategy
  • A discussion on server setup and hosting for best results
  • Pointers for comparing hosting providers

For any that missed the webinar that wish to see the recording, simply fill out our form below.

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