Azoya International

Azoya International

Azoya is a leading solutions provider in cross-border eCommerce to China. We offer a full range of solutions and services to overseas retailers to help them enter Chinese market with direct brand exposure. We excel in our business by introducing 3 customized solutions.

  1. CECS (Chinese E-com Cloud Service). Under this solution we help you build your own Chinese online store and take care of all the operational and marketing work. Your brand can be directly exposed to Chinese market.
  2. Haituncun Boutique. is a leading online marketplace owned by Azoya. This site generates huge traffic, which will further enhance your presence in Chinese market.
  3. Cross-border O2O. This innovative solution helps set up your omni-channel retail that targets at Chinese tourists, which will attract more Chinese customers to your physical store and retain those who once never returned.

These 3 solutions encompass 8 scalable services: e-store building, managed operations, payment settlement, consulting, international logistics, customer services, localised marketing and language support.

We are now looking for retailers, e-tailers and brands who have the intention to enter Chinese market. With Azoya taking care of the ground work, you are guaranteed to access Chinese market with little cost and zero risk.

Australia is one of our key markets whose world class reputation for natural, high quality, niche and ‘exotic’ products drives consumers’ demand in China and within local Chinese communities in Australia. Azoya supports Australian retailers to have 100% brand exposure in China and brings the same shopping experience, fair and consistent product price as it is in Australia to Chinese customers.

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