Exalt Group

Exalt Group

Exalt Group is Australia’s leading provider of Pick & Pack, 3rd Party Warehousing and multi-carrier freight services, specialising in cost effective solutions for online retailers of all sizes.

With over 10,000 pallet space capacity in 4 locations in Sydney, and managing the requirements of more than 150 business customers, outsourcing with Exalt Group allows you to focus on growing your business with the confidence that a specialised ‘Pick & Pack’ warehouse provider is managing every aspect of your logistics requirements.

Our full list of services include:

–       Receiving, Storage, pick, pack and processing of a diverse range of products

–       Highly accurate picking process

–       Wide range of  packaging options

–       Highly competitive freight options including national and international distribution

–       Sameday order processing and despatch

–       Fully customisable daily automated reporting

–       Guaranteed lowest processing cost across all Australian warehouse providers

–       Easy integration with no setup or implementation costs

–       No minimum activity levels or fixed charges

Exalt Group is able to customise a solution to the individual needs of your business and allows you to keep the cost of your fulfilment needs as low as possible. Over 80% of our clients are online retailers making us the preferred provider that  focuses on and specialises in your fulfilment needs no matter how large or small.

Visit www.exaltgroup.com.au for more info

Address: 1/472 Victoria Street, Wetherill Park NSW 2164

Web: www.exaltgroup.com.au
Tel: 02 9659 1550

Fax: 02 9756 6993

Email: info@exaltgroup.com.au