Longtail UX

Longtail UX

Longtail UX’s patented technology creates a superior Website user experience and offers unprecedented scale in Search, increasing ROI from SEM and SEO by 50-100% and more.

Longtail UX has revolutionised Search Marketing for SEO and SEM.

Google brings Users with 1,000s of different questions to your website. Longtail UX ensures Google understands the full breadth of questions your website can answer and enables your site to answer these questions with just one click.

Longtail UX’s patented technology creates a superior user experience for the Search channel and offers businesses unprecedented scale in SEO and SEM, increasing revenue from SEO for clients by 50-400% and ROI from Paid Search by 20-50%.

Longtail UX is platform-agnostic, requires no changes to existing website structure and is set up within 48hrs


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