ReadytoShip is a cloud-based solution that connects your online storefront to shipping carriers.

ReadytoShip has a list of standard carriers available, but optionally can integrate to Interactive Freight Systems SmartFreight product for access to hundreds more carriers.

One major benefit of ReadyToShip is the time saved by being able to have your Orders automatically imported from eBay, Magento, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor and more, and pushed into carrier systems like eParcel, StarTrack and hundreds more.

Tracking numbers can also be sent to your storefront automatically as soon as you manifest. Accuracy of delivery is also improved as all AU addresses are validated.

This is a scalable solution, which is cloud based, so no software download is required (only a web browser!). The system is ‘carrier agnostic’, so there are no hidden margins. ReadyToShip offers a clear and simple transactional model, focused on speed. Making your shipping fast and painless is our goal.

ReadytoShip is designed for online retailers, from small eBay sellers, through to large eBay sellers, Magento merchants and other store owners. Customers who are spending time fiddling with spreadsheets, copying and pasting addresses, and manually updating order shipments and tracking numbers will find ReadytoShip an amazing efficiency boost.

Setup takes 5 minutes, and any of your staff familiar with your sales software should be able to use the system with a minimum of fuss.

Pricing is transaction based with a discount for volume; the more you ship, the higher the discount. We can also provide custom modifications to accounts, at an hourly rate. ReadyToShip is fast, easy, and a must-have for any growing e-commerce business.

ReadyToShip can provide assistance with setup and optimization and are also available to answer questions via email or phone. Custom changes can be made to the system for accounts on a case by case basis, charged at an hourly rate.

There is a free trial account available that can be accessed with most popular web browsers.


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