Satellite Office

Satellite Office

Satellite Office provides premium offshoring solutions targeting retail and e-commerce businesses to help them build their own dedicated teams in the Philippines, saving $35,000 – $70,000 per employee.

Founded by our CEO Michael McRitchie, the former MD of Centrebet, CEO of DealsDirect, with over 10 years International business and advisory experience at KPMG, Satellite Office is Australian focused and provides a full range of services tailored to suit specific needs, these include:

Effective from just two staff up to much larger teams in excess of 100, with flexibility to scale up and down. Execution is focused on delivering improvements in quality and performance.

The model is well suited for positions across customer service, lead generation, digital marketing, IT and software development, design, content management, finance and back office processing.

Our unique Full Service Model has a number of key features:

  • Your company builds a dedicated team in the Philippines, servicing your business exclusively, reporting directly to your management
  • performed to deliver operational improvements
  • ]Well suited to a broad range of disciplines across most industries
  • Your company retains your Intellectual Property and builds your own company culture
  • Flexible terms and conditions promoting ability to scale up or down

Discover the benefits of Offshoring and maximise your business potential. Contact us today for an initial discussion.


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