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SPECIAL REPORT #38: Integrated Payments.

When it comes to e-commerce, site design, check-out, usability and fulfilment are often priorities, with payment solutions merely thought of as a means to an end. However, with smartphone and tablet usage increasing and shopping behaviours evolving at a rapid pace, integrated multichannel payments are more important than ever.

SPECIAL REPORT #37: Disaster Recovery

You can never predict when or how a disaster may affect your business, but you can prepare for it. With your crucial online revenue at stake, can you really afford any outages of downtime whatsoever? This Special Report will guide you through the basics of business continuity planning for preparedness and compliance, as well as offering insights into the technology available to ensure that even the worst-case scenario isn’t enough to kill your business.

SPECIAL REPORT #36: International Shipping

While large retail businesses are able to corner new, international markets, even sole traders and independent merchants are maximising both sales and revenue by shipping internationally. This Special Report aims to provide an overview of how the barriers to deliver internationally are now lower than ever, as well as how merchants might seek to make the most of this opportunity.

SPECIAL REPORT #35: E-Commerce 101

Power Retail presents the 35th in our collection of informative Special Reports: E-Commerce 101. Many of the previous documents are both specialised and deep diving in their specific topic areas. This report’s point of difference is that it aims to provide an introductory overview into the realm of e-commerce strategy, technology and businesses.

SPECIAL REPORT #34: Fulfilment as a Profit Centre

Savvy retailers must master all the essentials of the fulfilment process including multiple delivery options, quality packaging and using the delivery driver as an extension of both customer service and sales staff. Power Retail’s Special Report #34 will investigate the latest innovations that will not only help make logistics cost neutral, but actually return a profit!

SPECIAL REPORT #33: Product Information Management

A Product Information Management (PIM) system is critical to enabling omnichannel retailing success, as well as improving efficiency and cutting costs in every facet of e-commerce. Discover all you need to know about PIM in Power Retail’s Special Report #33.

SPECIAL REPORT #32: Marketplaces 2.0

The growth trajectory of online marketplaces runs parallel with that of the evolution of online retail. This FREE Special Report, sponsored by ChannelAdvisor, contains the information required to effectively leverage online marketplaces, analysing the latest developments and innovations, and detailing best practices for retail ROI.

SPECIAL REPORT #31: Affiliate Marketing

It’s the new platform on every digital marketer’s mind, but how does affiliate marketing work for brands? Surely a purely paid-on-performance model will have to involve some ‘black arts’ in order to work? Find out the truth behind affiliate networks in our FREE Special Report.

SPECIAL REPORT #30: Social Commerce

It’s no secret; social commerce helps to power retail businesses. It has much to do with the engagement and community factor, as well as the advertising and conversion uplift potential. Learn about this evolving phenomenon in our FREE Special Report, and discover how you can devise a successful social commerce strategy for the future.